Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

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Growing up, I read so many Dr. Seuss books and I enjoyed them all! These books were (and still are) so fun to read because of all the silly words and whacky characters. It’s no wonder why this is such a fun party to plan! In this post about Dr. Seuss birthday party ideas, you’ll find plenty of ideas for decorations, games (including a free printable), food, desserts, drinks, loot bags and more. If you are looking for additional inspiration, you can visit your local library with your kids and read a few Dr. Seuss books together. You could also visit Seussville.com to see a list of books, characters and more! All of the party printables featured here are by Just a Little Sparkle.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

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Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Invitations:

This cute Dr. Seuss party invitation plays on some of the words in the popular Dr. Seuss book Happy Birthday to You. This printable party invitation from Just a Little Sparkle is customizable for your party details . The convenient printable format lets you print as many invitations as you need or you can skip the post office and email your party invitation to guests.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Invite

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Decorations:

Party colors for a Dr. Seuss party could focus primarily on red, blue and white. Red and white horizontal stripes (like The Cat in The Hat) could hang behind your food table. With so many whacky Dr. Seuss characters, there are so many fun ways to add special Dr. Seuss touches to the party.

Remember the village of Whoville? A great way to welcome guests to the party is to include a banner that says “Welcome to Whoville”.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

The hunch characters from Hunches in Bunches inspired this cute hunches centerpiece. This is really easy to make and you can find all of the supplies you need from your local dollar store. You’ll need small furry gloves, craft sticks, tissue paper and double-sided tape. Simply fill each glove and pointer finger with tissue paper. Leave the other fingers empty and tape each of the fingers down so it looks like it is a hand pointing. Insert a craft stick into the glove and display these in a small vase or jar.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Hunches

One of the most recognized pieces from the Dr. Seuss books are the trees from The Lorax. There are a few different ways to recreate these trees for your party decor. You can use empty paper towel holders or empty wrapping paper rolls covered in yellow wrapping paper for the trunk of the tree. There are also black squiggly lines around the trunks of the trees that you could color on with a black marker. The tops of the trees could be various colors of feather boas. For tall trees, you could also use yellow pool noodles with a straightened metal hanger through the center that you could use to bend the trees in the direction you want them to face.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Food:

One of the most famous books by Dr. Seuss is Green Eggs & Ham. To make this snack, simply add green food coloring to the yolks for deviled eggs and add some cubed ham pieces to your serving tray.

Hot dogs from a spool is one of the lines from Happy Birthday to You which you could set beside the Mustard-On Pool, another line from the same book.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

The popular book There’s a Wocket in My Pocket could be turned into a delicious snack of Wocket Pita Pockets. Mini pita pockets work great for this – simply add in a little sauce, meat and cheese.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

From If I Ran the Circus, you could serve Circus McGurkus popcorn in popcorn pails or favor bags.

The book The King’s Stilts could be turned into a fun snack of jumbo pretzel sticks or bread sticks with dip.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Treats:

The Cat in The Hat character could be turned into fun push pop desserts. Simply layer mini red velvet cupcakes with white icing for this dessert that the kids will have fun eating.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

The book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish can be used for a creative dessert display of One Treat, Two Treats, Red Treats, Blue Treats. The “two treats” could include a paper loaf wrapper with two types of dessert in each wrapper.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

The floob-boober-bab-boober-bubs fish (try to say that 5 times fast!) could be turned into a dish of gummy fish.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Thidwick, the Big-Hearted Moose could be slightly changed to Thidwick Chocolate Mousse for a delicious addition to your dessert table.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

The green slime of Bartholomew and the Oobleck can be displayed through single servings of green Jell-O.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Daisy-Head Mayzie could inspire some daisy-shaped cookies to add to your dessert table.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Drinks:

Green pop and pink juice could be labeled in some fun Dr. Seuss drinks – Doodle Delight (this is the green drink) and Pink Ink. Drinks could be served with red & white striped paper straws.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Games:

With so many creative characters and wild adventures, it’s easy to plan games for a Dr. Seuss birthday party. Framed game signs are a cute addition to the game area that can also include decorations, game supplies and prizes for the games.

From the Dr. Seuss book Oh the Places You’ll Go, the line “There are points to be scored. There are games to be won.” is a perfect intro to your game area.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Game Ideas

Hop on Pop: This fun charades game will leave all the little guests giggling! Simply print this free printable charades game, cut out the charades, place a folded charade inside each balloon and inflate the balloons. Kids will have to randomly select a balloon and pop it to reveal the Dr. Seuss character that they have to act out and have their team guess.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Games Pop

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Charades

Build a 10-Foot Beard in Need of a Comb: One of the characters in And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street is a man with a ten-foot beard in need of a comb. This could be turned into a fun game of two team competing to build the longest beard on one of their teammates by using white paper, an elastic, glue or tape, and cotton balls.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Games Beard

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Favors:

Party favors for a Dr. Seuss party could include red & white striped lollipops, mini Dr. Seuss books, stickers, bookmarks and more! Below is a list of fun ideas along with some other party supplies like themed dinner plates, cups and more.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Supplies

1. Dr. Seuss Little Books
2. Dessert Plates
3. Lunch Napkins
4. Dr. Seuss Tattoos
5. Dr. Seuss Treat Boxes
6. Loot Bags
7. Oh the Places You’ll Go! Pencils
8. Dinner Plates
9. Party Cups
10. Party Cups
11. Bounce Balls
12. Party Stickers
13. Cake Topper and 6 Candles
14. Lunch Plates
15. Cat In The Hat – Child Size

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?

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