Decorating Flower Pots

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Decorating flower pots is a great activity for kids to use their creative skills. It is a fun activity to celebrate the arrival of spring or to make a thoughtful homemade gift for someone. Using non-toxic paints and other fun craft supplies, your children can create their own special flower pot to display in your home or to give to someone special. A popular trend now is to use chalkboard paint on the outside of flower pots. This way you can label them or draw pictures on them and then easily erase them to draw or write something new.

Decorating Flower Pots

Decorating Flower Pots:

In order to begin decorating flower pots, you’ll need a few supplies. From your local dollar store, pick up a small clay flower pot along with some fun decorations such as foam stickers, glitter, non-toxic paint, markers and stencils. If this flower pot will be kept outside, make sure the decorations you choose will last during rainy weather.

After you’ve decorated the flower pots, small plants/flowers plus soil can be picked out at your local garden center.  You can then teach your child how to plant their little arrangement. If it’s not the right time of year for the garden center, you can always improvise by purchasing silk flowers and plants.

If you don’t want to plant flowers in the pot, there are many other uses for your decorated pots.

  • holding crayons and markers or other craft supplies
  • container to hold small toys
  • incoming mail basket by your front door
  • picnic table decoration for holding cutlery & napkins
  • holding a cupcake bouquet
  • holder for sandbox toys like mini shovels
  • candy jar
  • growing your own herbs to use in your favorite recipes
  • as part of a table centerpiece for a special occasion like Christmas or Thanksgiving

Do you plant flowers each year?

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