Dad’s Toolbox – Free Father’s Day Printable

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Shopping for Dad is always a bit tough around here – both for my own dad and for my husband. I’m sure my dad is tired of receiving socks and lottery tickets! This year I want to make something that they’ll actually use. I came up with the idea for these Dad’s Toolbox free printable cards and Alyssa helped me create four different designs depending on your dad’s interests.

Dad Toolbox Free Printable for Fathers Day

These make the perfect gift for any dad as you can fill them up with their favorite treats. This makes one of the best Father’s day gifts I have ever given that I put together myself. It sure did put a smile on his face.

Dad's Toolbox Free Printable

My husband and my dad both have different interests. My husband loves snack foods & outdoor adventures while my dad like relaxing on the couch, camping and fishing.

Dad's Toolbox Free Printable

With hockey season just ending and football season starting soon, I put together a TV snack kit for my husband including some bottles of pop and his favorite snacks. Here are some ideas for dad’s who like to watch sports:

  • new universal TV remote
  • favorite snack foods
  • jersey for his favorite sports team
  • game schedule for his favorite sports team
  • tickets to a sports game
  • a tailgate party kit with food, decorations and more!

For dad’s who like fishing, I used a small craft box (that looks like a tackle box) and filled it with gummy fish and worms. Here are some more ideas for your fisherman:

  • new tacklebox
  • fishing rod, hooks, etc.
  • fish cleaning tools
  • pan & spices for cooking the fish

Dad's Toolbox Free Printable

Dad's Toolbox Free Printable

We also have tags for dad’s who love hiking and spending time outdoors. This is what I put together for my husband last year:

  • compass
  • utility knife
  • flashlight
  • binoculars

For dad’s who like to enjoy a cool drink on the deck or perhaps make their own wine or beer, you could try:

  • beer making kit
  • cooler for drinks
  • bottle opener
  • personalized coasters that the kids help to make

Dad’s Toolbox Free Printable:

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Free Father's Day Printable - ToolBox

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We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to our monthly newsletter printables designer – Alyssa of Just A Little Sparkle. On Alyssa’s blog you’ll find plenty of party inspiration for all of life’s celebrations. Her printable designs are sure to add Just A Little Sparkle to your next event.

For even more fun Father’s Day ideas, visit our special page dedicated to Dad.

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  1. How do I make the box? I went through all the hassle of signing up for ‘free printables’ and it wasn’t even there! I want to know how to make the box not the tags.

    • Hi Helena: The free printables are the tags – not the box. The box I made here was a box from a 4-pack of pop and I covered it in different paper. I hope that helps.

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