Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy

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Are you expecting a new baby? Congratulations! Have you already planned how you’ll announce the big news to family & friends? Here are 10 cute ways to announce pregnancy news.

Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy

10 Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy:

1) Invite guests over for dinner and have the big news written on a cake.

2) Have your older child wear a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” shirt and see how long it takes your unsuspecting friends & family to notice.

3) For out of town family & friends, create a fun little slideshow (photos and music) of your older children with 1 photo at the end of either your ultrasound picture or a picture of the older children wearing a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” shirt. Are you expecting your first child? If so, then the fun slideshow can be of you & your spouse for wedding photos, vacation photos…or just highlights from the past year. Then the last slide could be a simple “…and then there were 3” note to announce the upcoming arrival. The last slide announcing the pregnancy will pleasantly surprise your audience!

4) Pin the message to a Jack in the Box. Have your older child bring the Jack in the Box to a guest to play with. When Jack pops out, so will your surprise news!

5) Wrap a picture frame gift for the expecting grandparents (or aunt, uncle, etc.) with an ultrasound photo inside or a photo of the positive pregnancy test.

6) Use window writers and write it on a bathroom mirror or dining room window. How long will it take your dinner guests to notice the news?

7) Have your older child draw a picture of the family including the upcoming arrival. Give this to the new grandparents and see how quickly they notice the upcoming addition to the family.

8) Create your own scratch cards (see tutorial here – it’s easier than it sounds!). You could make this look like a coupon or store promotion (Hey, look what I found in your mailbox!) or include it in a card. The scratch card instructions could say “Uncover 3 of the same symbols and win the prize in the Prize Box”. Have 3 scratch circles all with a drawing of a baby plus a scratch Prize Box that once scratched will read “A new grandchild!”.

9) While your company is over, suggest a game of “telephone” to your child. Have you ever played telephone? It’s easy! All players sit in a circle. Have one of the unsuspecting guests be last in the circle and have either yourself or your older child second last. The first player says anything they want…let’s say “I like cookies dipped in milk as a bedtime snack”. The first player just whispers this into the ear of the person to their right.Β  Each person continues to whisper this message in the ear of the person to their right. Now, in a normal game the last person that receives the message says the message out loud and it’s funny to see how the secret message may have been mistranslated throughout the circle…but this game will be a bit different. The second last person in the circle (yourself or an older child) will whisper in the last person’s ear (we’re having a baby) and the last person in the circle will say the message out loud to surprise the other guests.

10) Invite the unsuspecting guests over for Chinese takeout food. Before the party, create little fortunes that say “Expect a baby in your near future” and insert these into the fortune cookies when the guests aren’t looking. It will be funny to have all of the guests receive the same surprising fortune!

How did you announce your pregnancy? Was everyone surprised?

After you’ve made the BIG announcement, you’re going to want to start thinking about the fun parties that go along with it like baby showers and gender reveal parties. You can check out our Baby Shower page for fun ideas on gender reveal parties, baby shower themes, baby shower activities (including free printable games), party etiquette and more!

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16 thoughts on “Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy”

  1. We had my family over for dinner in November 2011 and to pick our Secret Santa names. We made everyone write their names down on a piece of paper, along with three suggestions for gifts. I gathered all the names, then “realized” I had forgotten the hat to draw them out of. I ducked into the kitchen and grabbed our pre-prepared hat…leaving the real names in the cupboard.

    I returned to my family where we all (hubby and I included) picked a name and on the count of 3, looked at our pieces of paper at the same time.

    Instead of a name, the pieces of paper said “we’re pregnant!”

    It was awesome!

  2. All those ideas are so cute. We were to surprised with our first to really do anything cute but our second we had family over for dinner. Everyone was given an envelope and inside was 2 or 3 letters. They then had to get together and spell out the letters that said ” She’s having a baby!” It was a hoot to watch how many sentences you can actually come up with using those letters, rofl! It took an hour before they got it right but everyone was having so much fun they didn’t care. When they finally got it right it got really quite and then my dad threw all the letters in the air and wooped. We got it on video and it is treasured!

  3. Planning to announce our 3rd at Thanksgiving. We are going to do the traditional go around the table and share what we are thankful for. I can’t decide if I’m going to have my three year old say, I’m thankful for the baby in mommy’s tummy or if I’ll just say it, but I can only imagine the excitement. πŸ™‚ With my husband I am taking him to a nice dinner and the waiter is going to bring over dessert with a chocolate covered fortune cookie and it inside it will read “YOU’RE GOING TO BE A DADDY AGAIN!”

  4. for 1 I put a burger bun in my moms oven during the day when she wasnt home and knew she was going out to dinner that night so wold be using the oven. I called her that night and asked her to look in the took a minute but she fliped.

    Another I put a prego test pic in with a bunch of my kids “yr old” pics for family to look through and pick out which ones they wanted for their fridge/frame.

    I just found out Im expecting again and found this on google-i think this time I may steal your jake in the box idea for a fathers day gift πŸ˜‰

    • I LOVE the burger bun in the oven idea! That’s brilliant! Congratulations on latest pregnancy. Come back and let us know how the big reveal goes! πŸ™‚

  5. I’m planning of revealing my first on new years day to have something great to look forward to in the new year.
    To make it less awkward I’m wanting to have a baby grow cake saying we’re expecting then cupcakes to go with it saying auntie ect.


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