Cute Care Package Ideas

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Cute Care Package Ideas The holidays are a fun time for gathering friends and family to create lasting memories. Unfortunately, you aren’t always able to spend the holidays with family and friends due to distance, work schedules or other commitments. Here are some cute care package ideas for friends and family that you aren’t able to visit with during the holidays.

Cute Care Package Ideas:

  • Does your friend or family member have a computer? How about a webcam? If they have a computer but no webcam, this is a great gift to put in the care package. You can pack some special items for your computer chat date like a funny holiday hat (you could wear a matching one!), a hot chocolate mix and a special mug. This way you can chat over hot chocolate even if you aren’t in the same city together.
  • As far as cute care package ideas go, the delicious treats are always first on my list! My grandma makes a delicious popcorn cake (click here for the recipe) every year and mails it to us. If you love baking, you could bake some treats to mail to your loved ones. Make sure they are packaged well to travel – you don’t want them to open a box of crumbs!
  • If you aren’t a baker (or don’t have time to make treats) the holidays are a great time to find a variety of treats at the store.
  • Some other cute care package ideas are homemade cards & crafts from your little ones. Everyone loves to see homemade gifts from kids!
  • I’m sure you’ve seen the recordable books available at most department & card stores, recording a story for a loved one is a fun idea. If you have little ones at home, they could read the story while you record. This is sure to be a favorite for a grandparent, aunt or uncle.
  • I love silly holiday clothes! You could pack some fun & silly holiday socks, shirts, hats, ties or pajamas.
  • If you are the sentimental type, you could write your loved one a letter about everything you appreciate about them or the greatest memories you’ve shared together.
  • Long before my husband and I were married, we had to spend our first Christmas apart while I worked far up north and he went to school in the south. I packed him a mini Christmas tree with little ornaments that all held a special meaning (like a dog ornament because I called him “Pooch”).
  • You could share Christmas dinner through a webcam and pack along some holiday napkins, festive dinnerware, and a Christmas Cracker.
  • For New Years, you could pack some Happy New Year hats, a plastic champagne glass, and some noise makers.

What are your favorite cute care package ideas?

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11 thoughts on “Cute Care Package Ideas”

  1. We always send care packages to our family in the USA. So of course it is full of Canadianna.

    Roots T Shirts
    Maple Syrup
    Maple leaf cream cookies
    Something Hockey related (maybe not this year)

    Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • That’s so funny – I never would have thought it would be tough to find Smarties and Ketchup chips! That’s kind of like me when I go to the US…I have to stop to eat at The Cheesecake Factory as many times as possible because we don’t have any here in Canada.

  2. Love these ideas! So sweet. Especially of the little ones recording a story for grandparents. Most of my family live far away, they see lots of pics of my kids but don’t get to hear their voices often.
    Pinned It.

  3. My hubby was deployed to Iraq and was there over Christmas one year. Your tips would also be great for a military care package! I actually sent him a prelit Christmas tree in my care package to him but postage cost more than the tree LOL!


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