Creative School Lunch Ideas – Alphabet Theme

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This creative school lunch idea involves the alphabet. You’ll have to use your creativity for this one! Basically, each school lunch will be planned around a letter. For example, on the day for “A” you’d pack items starting with “A” like apple, animal crackers, ants on a log, etc. I then have some free printable lunch notes for you for each letter of the alphabet (plus a few blank notes) to write a message message. The notes all have a letter of the alphabet at the top and then say “I love you because…” and you have to think of something that starts with that letter. For example, for the “A – I love you because…” you could write something like “your fabulous ATTITUDE!”. Need help thinking of food ideas for each letter of the alphabet? Keep reading for some fun ideas!

Creative School Lunch Ideas

Creative School Lunch – Food Ideas For Each Letter:

Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Some are easier to pack in a lunch than others but hopefully they’ll help you brainstorm some delicious ideas. You’ll have to keep in mind the school’s policy on lunches during your meal planning.

You aren’t restricted to food either – you could also put in a fork for “F”, napkin for “N”, stickers for “S”, etc. Let your imagination go wild with this one!

A: apple, ants on a log, dried apricots, animal crackers, alphabet soup, apple sauce

B: Bear Paw cookies, blueberries, banana, bagel, biscuit, Bits ‘n Bites, burrito, bean salad, bacon, broccoli

C: cookies, crackers, cheese, cucumber, chips, chowder, coleslaw, chicken, carrots, chocolate, cantaloupe, celery

D: Doritos, dairy, danish, deli sandwich, Dijon mustard, Double Stuff Oreos, dried fruit

E: egg salad, edamame salad, elbow macaroni, enchiladas, English muffin

F: fruit snacks, fruit, feta cheese, fajitas, fettuccine, Fiber One bar, finger foods, fish sticks, focaccia, fortune cookie, French bread

G: grapes, granola bars, Greek salad, garden salad, garlic bread, ginger snap cookies, ground beef, golden raisins, graham crackers, grapefruit, grilled cheese

H: honey dew, ham, hamburger, havarti, hard boiled egg, honey, hashbrowns, Hawaiian pizza, Hershey’s kisses, hummus

I: iceberg lettuce, iced tea, Italian salad dressing, Italian sausage

J: jam cookies, juice, JELL-O, jerk chicken, Jolly Time popcorn, jumbo-sized sandwich

K: kiwi, Kraft dinner, kabobs, ketchup, key lime pie, kidney beans

L: lasagna, lettuce, leftovers, lemon pudding, linguini, lime JELL-O

M: meat sauce, muffin, marshmallow, macaroni and cheese, mango, mushrooms, milk, mozzarella

N: noodles, nectarine, nachos, nuggets, Nutri-Grain bar

O: oranges, onion rings, oatmeal muffin, omelet, Oreo

P: potato salad, pickles, pork, pudding, peaches, pears, popcorn, peppers, pineapple, pepperoni, pizza, pastrami, pretzels, pastry

Q: quesadilla, quiche, queso & chips, quinoa salad

R: rhubarb, rice, roast beef, raspberries, raisins, rye bread, ravioli, red bell pepper, red potato, rice cakes, romaine lettuce

S: strawberries, stuffing, spaghetti, soup, sandwich, salad, salmon, salami, sausage, scone

T: tuna, tomato, turkey, taco, tart, tater tots, toast, tortilla chips

U: Ukrainian perogies and sausage, unsweetened juice, uncooked dessert, unsalted popcorn

V: vegetarian sandwich, vegetables, vanilla pudding, Velveeta cheese, vermicelli

W: Wagon Wheels, watermelon, whole wheat bread, whole grain bagel, wafers, waffles, white rice, wax beans, whole wheat pasta, wild rice

X: Xtra large sandwich, Xtreme pasta salad…you’ll have to be creative with X!

Y: yogurt, yams, yellow cake, yellow vegetables (beans, bell peppers)

Z: zucchini loaf, zesty cheese crackers, zucchini strips and dip, Zesty Italian salad dressing

Don’t forget to print your free printable lunch notes.

What is your child’s favorite lunch treat? What type of creative school lunch ideas have you used? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Brilliant! When my eldest was young we used to do something similar at the grocery, trying a new fruit or vegetable that started with a certain letter each week. I never thought about taking the next step and creating letter-themed lunches 🙂

  2. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Some are easier to pack in a lunch than others but hopefully they’ll help you brainstorm some delicious ideas. You’ll have to keep in mind the school’s policy on lunches during your meal planning.

  3. Thank you for the interesting article, just thought and was looking for such a new one to give your child to school. But my son has a very bad temper and often he wants only sweet food and does not eat ordinary food, but I think this is a problem for all parents. How do you deal with your child? How do you explain that one food is healthy and the other is not? I am very afraid that my son will gain weight and get health problems. If someone has already encountered this problem, please give me good advice on how to overcome this problem!


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