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We’re so excited to feature Jennifer of Banner Events in today’s Party Tip feature! She has so many clever ideas that you can recreate for your own parties. I particularly love the ideas for favors for kids – wait until you see the propeller push pop containers!

Banner Events

1) What is Banner Events?

Banner Events is an event planning and styling company obsessed with the little details that make an ordinary event extraordinary! We strive to pair individuality and creativity with well-executed details to bring flair and fun to your event. We worry about all of the details—big and small—so you can relax and be a guest at your own party. While we offer a variety of services, our specialties are boutique style children’s parties, wedding/bridal showers & dessert tables.

Here are a few examples of our work:

Banner Events

Banner Events

Banner Events

2) What last minute tips do you have for styling a holiday dessert table?

Holidays, while festive and fun, can add stress to any hostess. Here are a few tips for pulling together a beautiful holiday dessert table with minimal stress.

Banner Events

First – Choose a theme or décor style for your dessert table. Will it be fancy or casual, whimsical or modern, in traditional holiday colors or an unexpected color palette? Answering these questions early in the planning process helps to eliminate a great deal of stress as it narrows down much of the decision making process. Everything on your holiday dessert table will naturally coordinate with the chosen theme and décor and a plan can start to take shape!

Second – Take inventory! With your chosen theme or décor style in mind, before heading out to shop for your table, look around your house to see what you already have that can be used as is or even repurposed. You will be amazed by what you already have that you can use. Consider linens, tablecloths, serving ware, holiday décor, glassware, lighting/candles and so on.  Think outside the box too! Wrapping paper works great for table runners, backdrops, etc.

Third – Make a list of supplies still needed. This could include additional serving dishes, paper goods &/or utensils, glassware, toothpicks + more. Borrow any items you can. Clip coupons for any other items you need to purchase. Most party and décor stores offer great money saving coupons. With limited time and increased holiday traffic, having a shopping list to follow and coordinating coupons in hand will save you time & money!

Fourth – Simplify Food/Dessert Prep. Unless you absolutely love slaving away in the kitchen, give yourself permission to purchase some of the food/desserts. It’s a good rule of thumb to opt for a few tried & true homemade items that are crowd pleasers & also make for a great presentation. Then, fill in the rest of the needed food/desserts with some prepared store bought items that require minimal prep & mostly need some simple styling/arranging. From those purchased items, I like to splurge on 2-3 specialty/gourmet items for that added WOW factor. These specialty items generally serve two purposes–they act as a dessert & due to their custom nature, also usually function as part of the decor too! Also, don’t be afraid to invite guests to bring one of their favorite desserts to share.

3) Do you have a few ideas for easy edible gifts for kids?

Children love anything sweet packaged or displayed in fun and festive ways. Edible gifts don’t have to be expensive or time consuming, but they definitely have to be delicious & thoughtfully packaged. Currently, four of my favorite trends (that I have a feeling will be popular for a long time), are:

Push pop containers (either filled easily with simple things like M&Ms, snack mix, marshmallows, etc. or mini desserts like brownie trifle, cupcakes, ice cream, pudding, etc.)

Banner EventsBanner Events

Gumball tubes (can be filled with much more than gumballs)

Banner Events

Custom favor boxes (we love Piggy Bank Parties & her huge variety of favor boxes) filled with either packaged candy or homemade treats.

Banner Events

Anything on a stick (candy kabobs, Rice Krispies on a stick)

Banner Events

Christmas crackers (can be filled with little sweet treats such as Hershey Kisses, peppermints & caramels)

Banner Events

4) What are some creative ways that you’ve seen washi tape used in a party?

Everyone is wild for washi, and the ways it can be used to add flair and pizzazz to a party are endless! Some of the favorite ideas I’ve seen include:

Banner Events

  • Party flags – See the example from Pelemele on Etsy.
  • Washi-embellished utensils. Aren’t these gorgeous by Gretchen of Three Little Monkey Studios?
  • Small washi buntings. These make darling centerpieces on cakes, at place settings and so forth.  This example is from RedBrickLane on Etsy.

5) Of all the parties you’ve styled, which one stands out as a favorite and why?

When you’ve planned & styled dozens & dozens of parties, it’s difficult to pick a favorite, considering each is planned with heart & soul. However, I have to say I am most proud of a simple milk and cookies party I was able to pull together in record time (a matter of days) and with minimal budget using props & products I mostly scavenged from around my home or created myself using dollar store and clearance finds (and a few KEY items sent from some top notch vendor faves). While the event is adorable, largely due to amazing graphic design work by Anders Ruff Custom Designs & a fun color palette, and has been pinned over and over, I’m most proud about the fact that I proved to myself that a successful event can be well-executed with a very tight timeline, budget and resources.

Banner Events

about-divider-NEWWe’d like to send a big Thank You to Jennifer of Banner Events for sharing these fabulous party tips with us. You’ll find more creative party ideas and party planning inspiration by following her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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