The Backyardigans Sea Deep In Adventure

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This post is courtesy of our contributor ShaynaI’m going to start by admitting I don’t know a lot about The Backyardigans. I know they sing and dance and go on amazing adventures, all before snack time. I know there is a blue guy that I think is a penguin, an orange moose like creature, a yellow hippo, a blue kangaroo (maybe?) and a spotted pink creature that I can’t identify. And, most importantly, I know my daughter enjoys watching them and that I feel good about her watching them.

The Backyardigans Sea Deep In Adventure

We’ve taken Molly to several live shows now – Toopy & Binoo, Strawberry Shortcake and Max & Ruby and she has loved every one of them. So, when I found out The Backyardigans were coming to town I knew I would be getting tickets. There is just something awesome about watching your little one take in a live show and get completely wrapped up in it. I’d buy her tickets to every kid friendly show in town (in fact I do) just to watch her entranced with what’s happening on stage.

The Backyardigans Sea Deep in Adventure gave us exactly what we have come to expect from Koba Entertainment shows. Lots of dancing, singing and an age appropriate story line. Molly was reeled in (sea the pun there? Oh I did it again!) right from the time the curtain opened. One of the other things we love about the Koba live shows is that they remain true to the TV shows that the kids are familiar with. That makes it extra special for them – to see their favorite characters come to life, with all the familiar sites and sounds.

The Backyardigans Sea Deep In Adventure

This particular Backyardigans adventure takes us deep in the sea as the color characters come to the aid of a distress dolphin in search of his little brother. Along the way we encounter some very musical mermaids and our “villain” Octavia. Octavia is a somewhat vain, and cranky octopus who is a little bit obsessed with keeping her deep sea garden meticulously free of garbage. She becomes an obstacle for our musical heroes in their quest to find the missing dolphin.

The Backyardigans Sea Deep In Adventure

In the end, like every Backyardigans adventure, all turns out well and we learn that friendship and kindness can melt even the hardest hearts. Another great show that my daughter, and all the other kids around us, adored. The music was great, the story was exiting but not too complicated. The evil octopus was played very well too. There is a fine line in a kid’s show trying to be mean but not too scary and the actress pulled it off very well.

I was a little concerned that Molly, being almost four, might find the show a little boring. She’s almost past the prime age for The Backyardigans. But the performance was engaging and entertaining enough to keep her attention the entire time. All in all another performance very well done!

The Backyardigans Sea Deep In Adventure is still touring Canada! View their full tour schedule to find a show near you.

The only complaint I have about this, and every Koba show, is the flashing colored lights that they sell pre-show in the lobby.  They are extremely distracting and, to be honest, almost nauseating. They really take away from the performance and I’m actually surprised that they sell them.

You can read more from Shayna on her blog, Mommy Outside The Box.

*Disclosure: We were given tickets to this show in exchange for an honest review.

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