Fun Baby Bath Time Routines

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I remember the first time that my little guy had a bath. We were still in the hospital and I was barely able to hold myself up (I had a c-section) so I watched the nurse bathe him while I took mental notes. He seemed so tiny (6 pounds, 11 ounces) and delicate and I was terrified at the thought of giving him a bath on my own. The nurse was telling me the order of which parts of the body to wash first and things to be careful about. I scribbled myself some notes after because I wanted to have his baby bath routine memorized before we took our little boy home.

The first several times we gave him a bath at home, I had my own little checklist to follow. Baby bathtub on the counter, infant seat in the tub, baby facecloth, a foam mat covered in a towel for him to lay on after he came out of the bath, a baby bath towel to cover him in, cotton swabs for his belly button, gentle baby wash, a thermometer to check the temperature and my husband on one side of the tub holding the baby while I washed him. He would pee almost every time we took off his diaper so we had to add an extra towel to our bath time checklist. I remember the first time he peed in the tub and my husband and I weren’t sure if we should take him out, drain the tub and start his bath over or not. It’s no wonder why I was stressed with that long baby bath routine checklist!

I am happy to report that we soon overcame our fears of bath time and it turned into a nightly routine that we looked forward to. Our son started to like the bath and would smile and splash water all over the kitchen. When he was able to sit up on his own, we transferred him to the regular bathtub that was filled with fun bath time toys. Since my husband only has a few hours with our son every night (between getting home from work and our son’s bedtime), bath time is now their special nightly routine.

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Baby Bath Routine

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What is your favourite part of your baby bath routine?

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