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This post is courtesy of our contributor Carolyn…I love the feeling of having my Christmas shopping finished with time to spare. I think it has only actually happened twice in my life but boy it was a great feeling! This year is our son’s first year attending play school and I almost forgot to get gifts to show our appreciation for the three wonderful ladies that teach our boy so many wonderful lessons. I was able to make two stops and put together three thoughtful gifts for around $20 each, with supplies for my son to make the ladies Christmas cards coming in just over $5.00 total.

Aveeno Gift Ideas

Aveeno Gift Ideas:

The first Aveeno gift theme was feet and legs. My son’s play school is in a gymnastics club and a portion of their time is dedicated to learning flips and other gymnastics moves. Since I picture his gymnastics teacher to be on her feet most often and having to wear those leg-bearing outfits, I decided the “feet and legs” gift was great for her. For the legs portion I included Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Smooth Shave Gel. The shave gel costs a little more than many of the other shave products but it looked great with the rest of the gift and includes Aveeno’s skin moisturizing agents. The feet portion of the gift was covered (pun intended) by the softest, warmest pair of slippers I have ever felt. These two items were just under $20.

The second Aveeno gift was for the assistant play school teacher. The theme was about protecting and keeping the hands warm and pretty through the winter season. Aveeno Positively Ageless Skin Strengthening Hand Cream was the star of this gift. I have a few of these 76mL bottles, in my truck and my purse, and am always willing to share it with whoever I can. The gift was rounded out with a pair of double lined black gloves, a festive nail polish and nail file. This gift was also just under $20.

The third Aveeno gift was about relaxation. My son’s head teacher is the most patient and kind lady I’ve met! He talks about her constantly and when we pretend-play school, we take turns being Miss J. Although all the ladies deserve it, I wanted her to have the relaxation gift. This gift included Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Bath. It’s a box of 8 x 21g single use bath packets. The formula was made to form a milky bath that “naturally cleanses and moisturizes skin”. If anyone needs a gift idea for me, this could be it! I threw in a dozen tea light candles for ambiance and complete relaxation. This gift came in just a couple dollars over $20.

The planning, buying, and preparation of these three gifts was complete in just a few hours and would make great last minute gifts for any lady you need to show appreciation to. Now, I hope there is no one else I’m forgetting!

You can view the complete Aveeno line here to brainstorm your own Aveeno gift ideas for the special ladies in your life.

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