Alien Lunch Idea

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Welcome back to Alien Week here on Moms & Munchkins! Now that we’ve shared party & craft ideas with you, it’s time to take a break and dig into some food. What do aliens like for snacks? Burgers and fries of course! I’ve heard that they come to Earth specifically for our delicious fast food. Today’s idea is an easy to prepare alien lunch complete with a spaceship burger, UFO beam fries, moon cheese and some aliens. Sounds delicious, right?

Alien Lunch Idea

What’s in an Alien Lunch?

First you’ll have the flying saucer burger complete with moon (Swiss) cheese and the rest of your favorite toppings.

Second will be a beam coming out of the spaceship waiting to beam the little aliens back up to the UFO. This is simply a potato wedge baked in the oven. Here is a delicious recipe for oven baked fries.

Next we have the little green aliens which are simply cut out of cucumbers. I couldn’t find a mini alien cookie cutter so I used a mini angel cookie cutter and improvised.

You can serve your alien lunch on a blue plate to look like space and garnish it with mini stars cut out of cheese or simply icing star confetti.

A delicious idea for washing down your alien lunch is to have a mini Milky Way bar with milk and a variety of flavored syrups. In sticking with the Milky Way theme, you could serve mini Milky Way chocolate bars for dessert.

Alien Lunch Idea

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