How We Clean The Air Inside Our Home

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Before my son was born, I didn’t have any known allergies. I could go outside without getting the sniffles, I could sit in the park without becoming covered in hives and I could enjoy the company of my three cats while still breathing clearly through my nose. I hadn’t heard of women developing allergies after pregnancy but now I hear that it’s quite common. Who knew, right?! After my son was born, I developed an allergy to cats & dust plus seasonal allergies. While my son hasn’t been diagnosed with seasonal allergies, he does sneeze a lot and his eyes can get quite red & irritated while playing outside.

We haven’t had cats in the house now for over a year but we still find cat hair hiding in the house. We’re renovating our house right now and you wouldn’t believe the cat hair that was hiding behind the baseboards! As you can imagine, the dust is quite thick around here right now so we were in need of a quality air purifier to help clean our air. I was excited to receive the Fellowes AeraMax DX55 Air Purifier for review because I know the AeraMax Air Purifiers are the only devices in Canada which are scientifically proven to be asthma & allergy friendly. When investing in a product for your health, you want to make sure that it actually works and the AeraMax has the results to prove it!

AeraMax DX55

I know we don’t want to talk about it yet but cold & flu season is starting already. Did you know that indoor air has 5x as many pollutants than outdoor air? The AeraMax will help you clean the air in your home and office. The AeraMax increases air flow by 50% to remove more germs from your air.

What kind of pollutants may you find in your home? A few are pollen, mould, dust, dust mites, pet dander and tobacco smoke. Yuck, right? You can’t see all of these in the air so your air may be more polluted than you think!

Never owned an air purifier before? Not sure you’d know how to use it? AeraMax takes the confusion out of the process by the automatic function of monitoring air quality, automatically adjusting settings for consistently clean air no matter what. You also have the option of increasing or decreasing the fan yourself. When I received mine, I simply plugged it in and let it set itself! It really couldn’t be any easier!

We’ve only been using the air purifier for a few days now but I can already feel the difference. I feel like I can breathe better and I’m not blowing my nose as often so that’s a definite bonus. The unit is really quiet so we’re using it in our bedroom at night. My son doesn’t have any diagnosed allergies to dust but he has been coughing more during all these home renovations so I know having this in the bedroom at night will help him sleep better.

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  1. I use two air cleaners every day. I own a cat and you wouldn’t even know he was here. I also use re-usable foam filters that I simply wash and re-insert them. WOWZA!


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