How To Make A Memory Game

This is such an inexpensive craft for your children to make and the great part is that this simple craft turns into a fun game!  These instructions provide simple steps on how to make a memory game.  A fun activity to keep your children busy on the weekend or over their holiday break. This is a perfect rainy day craft that turns into a fun game that the whole family can enjoy.

How to Make a Memory Game

To start the instructions on how to make a memory game, let’s first talk about supplies. Here’s what you’ll need for this simple craft:

  • thick paper (like cardstock)
  • stickers
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • tracing paper (optional)

How to Make a Memory Game - Directions

How To Make A Memory Game:

  • Using your ruler and pencil, measure out rectangle cards (about the same size of a deck of cards). Use your scissors to cut out the cards.
  • Take two identical stickers and place them on two separate cards – you now have your first pair of matching cards!
  • Continue this process until you either run out of cards or stickers.

All done!  Wasn’t that easy?!

How to Make a Memory Game - Final

Now you have a fun memory card game to play with your friends and family.

As a fun alternative to stickers, your little ones could also draw pictures on the cards and then use tracing paper to trace that same picture onto a matching card.

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  1. This isn’t just great creative fun for children, this is great for us older folks, too who need to keep building new neural paths in our brains ~ just sayin! Thanks for the idea.

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