Zoo Animal Popcorn Cake

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Lions and tigers and bears…oh my! This Zoo Animal Popcorn Cake is filled with sweet treats like caramel popcorn, animal crackers and chocolate. You can either buy the caramel popcorn already coated in caramel or buy plain popcorn and melt several caramels to coat the popcorn with. Warning – many meltable caramels harden up quick a bit when they cool so the popcorn cake may be extra crunchy, sticky and chewy. I warn you now because I know my mom’s teeth wouldn’t hold up to this cake. Speaking from experience of course since she lost a filling last year on a sugar cookie! Oh, poor mom!

Zoo Animal Popcorn Cake

In this picture, I used melted caramels to coat the popcorn because I couldn’t find already prepared caramel popcorn. If using caramel popcorn, you’ll still need something to help hold the cake together. I’d recommend butter and marshmallows (3 tablespoons unsalted butter melted with about 20 large marshmallows melted in the microwave for about a minute).

For this cake, it’s best to add the zoo animal crackers after your popcorn cake is already in a cake form. If you try to stir them in, you’ll likely break the cookies and they will no longer resemble animals.

Zoo Animal Popcorn Cake:

I’m not going to list quantities here because you basically just add as many of each ingredient as you’d like. You’ll need popped popcorn, caramels, animal crackers and chocolate chips. Melt the caramels and immediately stir into popped popcorn. Transfer this mixture to a greased cake pan, top with animals crackers. Melt chocolate in microwave and drizzle over popcorn cake. Let chocolate harden in fridge before serving.

Zoo Animal Popcorn Cake

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