The Office Finale

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One of my favorite TV shows is coming to an end this year. After 8 years and 9 seasons, The Office Finale will air on Thursday, May 16th, 2013. I’ve been watching this show for years and I am so sad to hear that it is ending. At least I’ll still have re-runs to watch! To celebrate The Office, I’ve put together some fun finale party ideas that you can do at home. This is perfect for a night in with your friends and fellow fans of The Office.

the office finale party

The Office Finale – Food:

Since Andy has referred to Jim as the “Big Tuna” for years, you could serve “Big Tuna” sandwiches.

Andy also created a new name for Pete this year – “Plop” – which would be perfect for chocolate drop macaroons.

What does everyone look forward to finding in the office kitchen? Donuts of course! Your party buffet could include a delicious selection of donuts.

You could also serve brown bag lunches with everyone’s name written on them. Lunch bags could include sandwiches, chips and pop.

Rumor has it that The Office Finale will include a wedding so perhaps you want to include a mini wedding cake or even some confetti to throw for the bride & groom (who do you think it will be?).

Don’t forget the coffee and the water cooler!

The Office Finale – Activities:

Did you know that there is actually a Dunder Mifflin website? As you know, The Office is based on a documentary about running a paper company (fictional) so it only seems right that this company should have a website! On the official company website you’ll find monthly newsletters, the company history, a section to apply for careers, an employee manual, product selections and more. This is a great place to go for inspiration when planning a Dunder Mifflin quiz game for your finale party.

Another fun activity idea is to hand out your own Dundie Awards. Simply create some funny awards to hand out to your fellow party guests. You could have the “Busy Bee” award, “Best Sales Pitch” and other funny awards that go along with the personality traits of your party guests.

How will you be celebrating The Office Finale?

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