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Welcome to Party Tip Tuesday! For those of you who missed the intro last week, Party Tip Tuesday is a new weekly feature on Moms & Munchkins. Each week we’ll feature someone with fabulous party tips for decor, planning, food and more! This week we’re featuring Denise with The CreativiDee Workshop. I recently worked with Denise on a giveaway and right away I knew I wanted to work with her on additional projects. This is why we’ve paired up to bring you the fabulous & free printables each month in the new monthly newsletter.The CreativiDee Workshop - Denise

When you visit her site and see the page dedicated to her freebies, you can see that she’s a highly organized person. I’ve been over to The CreativiDee Workshop a few times to print out helpful organizers like shopping lists and meal planners. One of the things I love about her shop is that it’s filled with fun activity ideas to enjoy as a family in addition to the fun party supplies. For today’s feature, I asked Denise a few questions so that we can all get to know her better plus hear some of her best party tips. You’ll find that The CreativiDee Workshop has plenty of fun ideas for parties, family fun and helping you stay organized.

1) When someone asks you “What is The CreativiDee Workshop?”, how do you answer?

Typically I tell them that it’s an “Online Digital Boutique” and then I get the quizzical stare and tell them that I create digitally designed items that can be customized and then sent to my customers to print.

I specialize in children’s parties, holiday items, children’s and family fun items and organizing tools. Almost everything in the shop can be custom designed for the customer, which makes it unique and more personal.

2) When did you know you had a passion for party planning?

I have always LOVED to have a fun party and play hostess and planner. I’ve hosted various holidays, birthday parties, showers and the sort. I stumbled upon the idea of turning it into a business while planning one of my daughter’s parties a few years ago. It just seemed to click with me and I’ve been slowly adding to things ever since. Decked with details and fun items, I often have to reign myself in before I seriously overdo it. My head is always swimming with new ideas and I hope to implement them into the shop in the upcoming year.

3) How long have you been designing fun printables?

I’ve been ‘designing’ for quite a long time. I worked as a graphic designer for my university as I studied architecture and then found myself doing quite a few graphic design projects ‘on the side’ for the architecture firms I worked at.

I became a stay at home/work at home mom after my first child was born, did contract work in architecture, interior design and graphics and it was just a natural progression. I wanted to find something that was still in the design field, but gave me the greatest flexibility to be at home with my children.

As I stated earlier, I happened across a whole new world while researching for my daughter’s party. After lots of discussion with my husband and friends, I decided that this would be the perfect fit for me. It is so much fun creating, making things personal for your clients and being able to send my designs all over the world!

4) If you could throw a special party for yourself, what theme or occasion would you choose?

Wow. This is a hard question to answer!! I DO have a milestone birthday coming up (eh-hem) in a couple of years, so I guess that would be the most fitting for me right now. For themes, I’d possibly do a casual wine and cheese soiree or maybe a fun backyard BBQ or even something with a classic movie theme (one of my favorite things!). I’ll have to keep you posted on this one! If I had to do something sooner, it would definitely be New Year’s Eve or Christmas- I LOVE the holiday season.

5) What is your most memorable party from your childhood?

I’m not so sure if this is exactly a party, but I do remember spending Christmas at my grandparents home and how incredibly detailed and fun it always was. My grandmother always had everything decorated impeccably, adding special touches here and there. She always made sure everything was covered from the food, to the special “Holiday Punch” she would make to snacks during game times and breakfasts the following mornings. And for holidays that sometimes had up to 47 people, this was quite impressive to me! (And still is.) There was never a dull moment!

6) What tips do you have for a mom who doesn’t know where to start when planning a party for her child? What sort of items should she consider? What’s your best tip for staying organized when planning a party?

When planning a party for my own children, I always try to make it a theme that reflects their tastes and loves. (It IS about THEM, you know!) Even if it is a first or second birthday party, where it’s more for the adults than the kiddies, it’s still important to find a theme that is fun for them. (It will make you smile when you look back at the photos.)

My most important piece of advice is to try to give yourself plenty of time to research, plan and organize. It’s no fun when Mom is stressed out at the party when she should be enjoying it, too!

Another tip is to do what is in YOUR realm of ‘doing.’ There are so many incredible parties all over the internet and it may become intimidating or daunting. That should not be the case at ALL! Bookmark sites, photos, etc. of things you like and determine what works best for your child, your budget, your guests and YOU. (not what everyone else thinks!) If an all-out dessert table setup isn’t you, then don’t do it! However, if it is- then have fun!

Lastly, there ARE some simple shortcuts you can take so you can enjoy the party with everyone: order the cake instead of making your own (unless you’re a baker!), keep the food simple so you aren’t having to worry about it during the party or time the party when it’s not during a meal and remember to have fun and celebrate this most important day! The CreativiDee Workshop - Feature

Photos courtesy of The CreativiDee Workshop.

We’d like to send a big Thank You to Denise for being featured in this Party Tip Tuesday! Be sure to check out the links to the CreativiDee Workshop social media accounts (right hand side of her site) to keep updated on all of the fabulous ideas & printables.

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