Thanksgiving Centerpiece Craft for Family Fun

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As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®,  my son and I were given a fun assignment to create a Thanksgiving craft for kids. I wanted to create something that we could use & enjoy every year. I knew I wanted something that could be used as decoration plus a tradition but I wasn’t too sure where to start so off we went to Michaels for some inspiration. Once we arrived at the store I had a light bulb moment – we were going to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece!

We have a lot of traditions for holidays like Christmas and Easter but nothing really for Thanksgiving. We go to the hay maze and pumpkin patch each year for photos but I wanted to create a tradition for Thanksgiving day. My idea was to create a centerpiece that we could add onto every year. For our family, Thanksgiving is about gathering together as a family and remembering everything we have to be thankful for. What better way to showcase our thankfulness than by writing it down and displaying it for everyone to see!

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids #Shop

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids:

We started off with a decorative pumpkin, leaves and berries. I had my husband drill holes and we simply put the stems of the leaves and berries in the holes. The kids can help with the task of putting the leaves and berries into the pumpkin. We printed off some “I’m So Thankful For” notes so that each family member can write on a note each year and then hang it on the tree with a mini clothespin. The kids can be in charge of hanging the “thankful” notes every year.

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids #Shop

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids #Shop

Now every year we can take out our centerpiece and our envelope of notes and hang them up for display. Each year every family member can add on a new “thankful” note and date the back of it. If the centerpiece starts to be too cluttered, we can save some of these in a family scrapbook.

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids #Shop

Does your family have any Thanksgiving traditions? Let us know about them in the comments below. Visit our Thanksgiving page for even more fun ideas!

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