Roller Derby Birthday

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Do you have a teen who loves roller skating and little bit of punk style? Then a roller derby birthday party may be the perfect theme!

Roller Derby is a contact sport played on roller skates where two teams of 5 battle each other in a race around a track. There are many different rules, regulations and special plays in roller derby. Click here to read all about it on Wikipedia.

Here you’ll find ideas for invitations, decorations, activities and treat bags.

Roller Derby Birthday – Invitations

When thinking of a roller derby party, there are a few things that come to mind…fun, roller skates, spunky, punk, and neon. These girl skeleton invitations are the perfect mixture of punk & fun. Roller Derby Birthday - Invitations1. Birthday party invitation, Punk Party
2. Birthday party invitation, Pretty Punk
3. Skullicious™ – Girl Skull – Squiggle Shaped Birthday Party Invitations

Roller Derby Birthday – Decorations

Hot pink and black are fun colors for a roller derby birthday party. The feminine skull theme can be carried throughout the decor as well with balloons, banners, wall decals, tableware and cupcake wrappers. Black lights with white decor or a dim room with disco lights also helps to set the scene for this theme.

Roller Derby Birthday - Decorations

1. Skullicious™ – Girl Skull – Personalized Birthday Party Banner
2. Skullicious™ – Girl Skull – 8 Birthday Party Pack
3. Skullicious™ – Girl Skull – Birthday Party Cupcake Wrappers
4. Wilton Skate Pan
5. Girl Skull Balloon
6. Girl Pirate Skulls W/ Bow Various Wall & Window Decals

Roller Derby Birthday – Activities

A roller skating rink or park would be a perfect place to hold a roller derby birthday. Outside of fun roller skating, another fun activity idea would be to dress the part of a spunky roller derby player. This could include:

  • white or black tutus
  • temporary tatoos
  • knee high stockings
  • under eye strips (like a football player look!)
  • hair glitter
  • funky shoelaces

The guests could having fun dressing up and then pose for a group birthday photo. This photo would be a great addition to a thank you card.

Roller Derby Birthday – Treat Bags

Some of the items in the dress up section would be great take home items as well. Here are a few other fun items that would pair nicely with a roller derby birthday party. Roller Derby Birthday - Favors1. Sock It To Me Pirate Skull (Red)Striped Knee High Socks
2. Neon Black Light Reactive Shoe Laces (Pair) (Green)
3. B Wild Hair And Body Glitter Spray In Gold
4. 36 Baby Blue under eye eyeblack strips team colors football cheerleader
5. Pretty n Punk ’12, Over 50 Temporary Tattoos
6. Monster High Barrettes 4 Pack

How are your roller skating skills? I haven’t been since I was a child…and I wasn’t too good at it back then so I can only imagine how I’d do today!

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