Decorate For Valentine’s Day With Origami Hearts

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This origami hearts post is courtesy of our contributor DawnPaper folding is one of my favorite craft tips; you can create a lot of bang for not a lot of bucks. You’ve probably folded origami hearts to pass love notes in class when you were a kid, but I bet you never thought of using them to decorate for Valentine’s Day. They are so versatile and just by changing the size of your paper, you can use them create anything from cupcake toppers to card decorations.

Origami Hearts

Making Origami Hearts:

Arm yourself with square sheets of paper; if you have origami paper that’s great but text weight paper will work just as well. Avoid cardstock, it can get hard to fold. I used 5” squares of memo pad paper.

If you don’t know how to fold an origami heart, I won’t reinvent the wheel and show you. There are oodles of tutorials and variations out there and the most straight forward one is from Origami Instructions.

Fold as many as you desire…I did mine catching up on my DVR, because once you get the hang of it, folding goes pretty quickly.

Origami Hearts

Origami Hearts

I was inspired by the washi tape I used on the cupcake flags paper to create a perfect backdrop for your Valentine table by making fluffy clouds from crumbled crepe paper. Using tissue paper is another fabulous option…I just couldn’t find mine.

Origami Hearts

The garland is super easy to make with a few glittered clothespins and baker’s twine. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can make lots of origami hearts and cover your party space with lots of garlands.

Origami Hearts

Check out another way to play with origami hearts; I used them to dress up drink bottles for another Valentine’s Day tablescape inspired by the same washi tape.

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We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Dawn of Not Just A Mommy for sharing this adorable tutorial with us. Over on her blog you’ll find plenty of party inspiration – so many clever ideas that she makes easy to recreate for yourself! Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for even more creative ideas.

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