Organizing a Garage Sale

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Are you organizing a garage sale? Ever since the snow hit our city, I’ve been slowing picking away at our spring cleaning. We have so many baby items that my son has outgrown so we’ll be having a huge garage sale this year. Yes, that means we’re done having babies…but never say never {wink}. Once I get motivated to start organizing, I can’t stop! Our garage is now filled with items for the upcoming sale and I still have so much to go through.

Organizing a Garage Sale

I wanted a way to track what I have for sale and the price I want to list on each. I also wanted a fun way to include kids in the process so I started scribbling down some ideas. The talented Denise with The CreativiDee Workshop is fabulous for creating printables perfect for organizing so I knew she’d be the perfect person to work with on this project.

So here is what we came up with:

Organizing a Garage Sale

Here’s how it works:

  • Each family member gets a sheet for himself (or herself)
  • The border color around the words “My Sale Tracker” can be color-coded along with garage sale price stickers (so if you have a pink border on your tracking sheet, all the price tags on your items can be pink).
  • The blank banner at the top is where you write your name.
  • In the “Items to Sell” column, each family member will write down their items that they planning on selling. So for your children, here is where they would mark down their old clothes and toys and they are ready to sell.
  • In the “Price” column, list the selling price that you’ll be putting on the price tag.
  • In the “Sold” column, simply check the box when the item is sold. The color-coded price stickers will make it easier to match the items to the tracking page when they are sold.
  • The “Sold Price” column is for writing down how much the item actually sold for.
  • The column for “Donated” can be used after the sale is over. If some items haven’t sold, you can check off which ones will go to the donation bin.
  • There are also two “Total” fields at the bottom of the tracking sheet. One to total the items you have placed for sale and the other to total how much money you made during the sale.

Organizing a Garage Sale

Organizing a Garage Sale – Getting Your Kids Involved:

  • Have your children help gather items that they no longer play with or that no longer fit them. These items can be written on their very own sales tracking sheet.
  • Encourage them to free their room from clutter and organize.
  • Let them know that they’ll get to keep a portion of the money made from the sale. For example, you can say that a certain percentage has to go into a savings account, they have to choose at least 1 item to donate and then the rest of the money made can be spent on something special.
  • Have them help by writing the prices on the stickers and sticking the prices on the items.
  • During the sale, they can help keep the sales area organized and bag the items for customers as they are sold.
  • Perhaps they want to set up their own lemonade stand at the entrance to the sales area.

How To Print Your Free Garage Sale Tracking Printables:

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Free Garage Sale Tracking Printable

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Will you be hosting a garage sale this year? How do your little ones help while organizing a garage sale?

We’d like to give a BIG Thank You to Denise with The CreativiDee Workshop for designing this fun printable for us.

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  2. I love that you had such a great way of organizing what you were selling on paper so you know how well you did. It’s nice to know how much money you were expecting to make, and how much money you really did make. So way to go on that aspect! 🙂 A little tip I’d give to those looking for yard sale tips on here is to use this website – I love it – it always helps me find yard sales when I’m on the hunt. Here’s the site: yardsalesearch{dot}com

  3. I also cannot find a way to print the Garage Sale Tracker and we are having ours this coming weekend.
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