Personalized Napkin Ring – Mother’s Day Craft

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This personalized napkin ring Mother’s Day craft is really easy to put together and it’s full of thoughtfulness so Mom will be sure to love it! Getting started is easy, you’ll need two separate colors of paper – one for the center of the flower and one for the petals. Cut out a small round piece for the center of the flower and cut out petals in the other color. Glue or tape the petals to the back of the circle center. You’re then ready to start writing down thoughtful notes for Mom. This could include things you love about her, things you’d like to thank her for, things that she does to make you laugh, etc. I’ll include some ideas for inspiration below the photo.

Once you’ve written a message on every petal, you can glue this to a ribbon to tie around a napkin and use as a personalized napkin ring.

Mother's Day Craft Idea - Personalized Napkin Ring

Mother’s Day Craft Inspiration:

In the center of the flower you can write “Thank You For” and then on each petal you can write something you’d like to thank Mom for. This could include things like:

  • Reading me a story before bed
  • Walking me to school each morning
  • Teaching me how to plant flowers
  • Always planning fun activities for us
  • Always packing me delicious lunches
  • Cheering for me a soccer practice
  • Making me creative Halloween costumes
  • Helping me with my homework
  • Taking me to the library
  • Taking me to swimming lessons

Another idea is to write “Mom’s Best Skills” in the center of the flower and then on each petal include compliments like:

  • Great Cook
  • Best Storyteller
  • Greatest Hugs
  • Fun Activity Planner
  • Great Listener
  • Best Lunch Packer
  • Most Creative Craft Planner

What would you like to thank your mom for?

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