Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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Indoor Scavenger Hunt Indoor scavenger hunt games are a fun way to enjoy some indoor fun – perfect for a rainy day! Here are a few ideas for creating your own games along with links to some free printable games.

You don’t need much to plan your own indoor scavenger hunt games. Just think of some fabulous hiding spots and then leave hints so the kids can find the next clue. Your hints can be popular lines from movies or books, riddles, scrambled words, math problems, etc. Use your creativity and have fun with it!

You’ll start the player(s) off with the first clue that includes a hint as to where the second clue will be. The players will find their next clue in this hidden place. The game continues until they find the prize at the last clue location.

Easy Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Clue Hiding Locations:

Some fun ideas for hiding places for indoor scavenger hunt clues are:

  • stuck to stuffed animals
  • inside movie cases
  • inside books
  • pockets of clothing
  • inside a shoe
  • inside or on the bottom of a toy
  • behind picture frames
  • in a cookie jar
  • written on a mirror
  • hanging from a light fixture
  • inside the fridge
  • under a table
  • outside the window
  • behind a door

Moms & Munchkins is filled with fun & free printable games (including more scavenger hunt ideas!). Visit our Printable Games page for a listing of all the free games.

Where is your best idea for the perfect hiding place?

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