Garage Reorganization Project

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This winter was extremely long and I spent many of the cold months inside doing a little early spring cleaning to prepare for a garage sale. As my little guy continues to grow, we have so many baby items to sell! I’ve been packing garage sale items away in the garage but I’ve been running out of space. I knew it was time to reorganize the garage but I’ve been procrastinating because I thought it would be a lot of work. When Walmart Canada invited me to participate in Walmart’s Frugal Heroes challenge, I knew the job we had to tackle – the garage reorganization project! Here are a few before photos to show you the mess we were dealing with. I’m sure you now understand why I was procrastinating!

Garage Reorganization Project

Garage Reorganization Project – Shopping!

With our $100 budget, we headed straight to the hardware area of Walmart. With so many items on the floor and on the work counter, I knew we needed some more drawers and shelf space. With our handy measuring tape, we measured some plastic drawer units that would fit under our work bench. We knew we wanted something with wheels so we could easily move it once it was loaded with heavy tools.

We also needed additional shelving space. We decided on a white, light-weight shelf perfect for items like garbage bags, cleaning supplies, paper towels, etc. We also purchased a few brackets so we could make a shelf out of some old scrap wood we had in the garage.

With so many screws and nails, we also purchased a small organizational container with plenty of compartments perfect for all of these little pieces.

To finish off our purchase, we also added in a garage sale sign that will come in really handy in a few weeks!

Garage Reorganization Project

So with two rolling drawer units, a storage container for small pieces, a shelving unit, wall brackets and a garage sale sign, we came in under budget!

Garage Reorganization Project

Garage Reorganization Project – Cleaning Time!

Now came the tough part – the cleaning! My husband had the day off work so we decided to tackle the project while my little guy had a nap. I was surprised at how quickly we were able to organize! We were able to take our outdoor toys into the backyard (since the snow has all finally melted – hooray!) and we organized the garage sale items into a small area of the garage. We made use of the rolling drawers and shelf to clean off the top of the work counter. All of the tools are now much easier to find since they are organized into drawers.

Just think of how clean it will look after the garage sale! Here are some after photos:Garage Reorganization ProjectI was actually surprised that we not only made room for everything we had but we actually have more space for storage! Perhaps some more shopping is in the future…but I better wait until after our big garage sale.

On a side note, there are a few toys that my husband refuses to part with. Does anyone remember Harry & The Hendersons?

Garage Reorganization Project

Disclosure: Walmart Canada invited me to participate in Walmart’s Frugal Heroes challenge. Thank you to Walmart Canada for providing me with a $100 gift card and the added incentive to finally get our garage organized! You can follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #WalmartFrugalHeroes.

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