Games with Parachutes

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The Easter Bunny delivered a toy parachute this year and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it. There are so many fun games with parachutes perfect for little kids. My little guy is two and absolutely loves the parachute games we play with him. In this post I’ll share a few of these ideas with you – I hope you enjoy them!

Games with Parachutes

Games with Parachutes:

Waves – One child stands in the middle while the kids outside shake the parachute creating a wave effect.

Popcorn – Place a few small balls in the middle of the parachute and have the kids shake the parachute and bounce the balls without letting the balls fall off the parachute.

Sit Inside a Bubble – Have all of the kids raise the parachute as high as possible and then everyone hops inside while holding the parachute handles behind their back and sitting on the ends of the parachute. It creates a fun parachute bubble that slowly lowers while the kids are sitting inside the parachute “tent”.

Duck Duck Goose – This is like the traditional duck duck goose game where one player walks around the circle tapping each child lightly on the head while saying duck, duck, duck…until one child is called the goose. The goose then stands up and tries to run back to the open seat. The first person to the open space gets to sit while the other person the takes a turn tapping everyone on the head. In this version, when the players are running around the outside of the parachute, the other players shake the parachute to make it a bit more difficult to see the empty seating area.

Do you have a play parachute at home? What games with parachutes do you play?

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