Best Friend Printables For Your Memory Box

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I’m lucky to still be close with two friends that I’ve had since elementary school. There’s something so special about those old friendships! I love having so many great old stories to chat about. I can talk to my friends for hours about old stories while laughing until I cry. Does your child have a best friend yet? We have some fun & free friendship worksheets that are perfect for best friends and those special memory boxes you have hidden in your closet. I wish I would have filled out something like this with my best friend years ago – I’m sure there would have been some hilarious answers.

Friendship Worksheets

Friendship Worksheets:

These free BFF printables are available in both pink & blue.

This package includes a page titled “All About Our Friendship” that the two buddies can fill out together.

There is then a page titled “All About My Best Friend” that you’ll want to print two copies of. Each child will fill out this page about their BFF.

We also have a little “Best Friends Personal Stats” card that can be filled out and used as a special bookmark.

For fun, we also have an official certificate to certify that special BFF status.

Best Friend Kit Printable

How To Print Your Free Best Friends Kit Printable:

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Click Here for the Printable Best Friends Kit – Blue

Click Here for the Printable Best Friends Kit – Pink

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Free Best Friend Kit Printable

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A big THANK YOU goes out to the fabulous Denise of The CreativiDee Workshop for creating these printables for us. She’s a creative genius and I love the way she can take my ordinary idea and turn it into something extraordinary! Visit her site for free printable organizers and loads of printables for family fun.

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    • Hi Larissa! It’s funny you mention that because Denise and I were just discussing last night whether or not to make the printables in a boy theme as well. Denise will work on this for you and I’ll send you an email when they are available!

    • Hi again Larissa! The blue set for boys is now available through the same link that appeared in the latest newsletter. Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy the printables!

  1. I am looking for the bff printables in blue or boy themed. I saw on an above comment that you dont have them yet and i was just wondering if you do now?

    • Hi Christine! Yes, they are now available in both boy and girl themes. You’ll find both on the Freebies page that all the newsletter subscribers have access to. I see that you are registered for the free newsletter so I’ll send you an email with a reminder on the password.


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