Free Dairy Queen Coupons in General Mills Cereals

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I love Dairy Queen. I really do! I’ve been enjoying DQ treats for as long as I can remember. When my grandparents used to come into the city from the farm, they always brought along a box of Dilly Bars. Every time we came home to find our grandparents car in the driveway, we said a quick hello and ran downstairs to the freezer to grab a treat. My grandpa has been gone for 17 years now but our special Dilly Bar treat time is always something I’ll remember sharing with him.

Dairy Queen Traditions:

I have a few favourite television shows and special nights dedicated to catching up on them. Once a week, my husband brings me home a mini Blizzard to enjoy while I curl up on the couch to enjoy my TV time. It’s a routine now – I can’t sit down to watch my shows until I have my mini Blizzard (Mint Brownie with extra stuff…in case you were wondering).

I love Dairy Queen so much that I actually ordered a special DQ log to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Moms & Munchkins. I’ve decided that every year on Moms & Munchkins anniversary, we’ll be enjoying a Dairy Queen cake. A party just isn’t the same without cake, right?

Best Dairy Queen Memory Ever:

I have an awesome Dairy Queen story to share with you. My brother will be humiliated that I’m sharing this story with you but it is too good not to share! When my brother was around 7 years old, we were at Dairy Queen with our mom, a friend of mine and her mom. At that time, there were railings between each of the booths. My brother thought it would be funny to stick his head through the railings but it really wasn’t that funny. What was funny was when he realized that his head was stuck. Yep, there we were in Dairy Queen eating our ice cream while my little brother was crying with his head stuck in the railings. My mom went into panic mode when she realized that he really was stuck. You want to know what she did next? She left us with my friend and her mom in Dairy Queen to race home and grab some margarine. No, I’m not kidding. My mom drove all the way back home to grab some margarine to try to free my brother! She came back with the margarine, smeared my brother’s head with it until he slid free. In case you’re wondering…yes, we did continue to go to that Dairy Queen for treats. Even an embarrassing moment like that couldn’t keep us away from that delicious ice cream!

Free Dairy Queen & Orange Julius Coupons:

To help you create your own special Dairy Queen memories, General Mills is offering free Orange Julius & Dairy Queen coupons inside specially-marked boxes of cereal. It’s such a great deal, it’s riDQulous!

Dairy Queen Coupons

For a limited time, you’ll find two Dairy Queen coupons inside specially-marked boxes of General Mills cereal. One will be for an Orange Julius Premium Fruit Smoothie and the other for a Dairy Queen Blizzard treat. Did you know that all Dairy Queen locations in Canada now offer Orange Julius drinks?

Dairy Queen Coupons

Between April 1st and July 31st, 2013, you can redeem your Orange Julius coupon at any Dairy Queen location.

Between May 1st and May 31st, 2013, you can redeem your Dairy Queen Blizzard coupon. Will you be trying something new or sticking with your favourite kind?

Dairy Queen Coupons

What is your favourite Dairy Queen memory?

Disclosure – I am participating in the Life Made Delicious Ambassador Program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

2 thoughts on “Free Dairy Queen Coupons in General Mills Cereals”

  1. LOL! Poor brother! I did that myself, actually, but lucky for me it was the railings of our bannister at home and not out in public! My favourite DQ memory was going there with my concert band; I’ll be blogging about it later too. 🙂 And we totally have the same favourite blizzard!

    • Ha! Too funny…my brother will be happy to know that he’s not the only one. I look forward to reading your post too! Perhaps during our summer blog party I’ll bring out some Mint Brownie Blizzards!


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