Protect Yourself from ID Theft

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An old VCR manual, a pay stub from when I was making $4.75/hour, old letters from friends…these are just some of the items I found in my basement when I started organizing for a spring garage sale. Do I need a VCR manual? Nope. How about the 20 year old pay stub? Nope. So why was I storing these in the basement? I’m pretty good about filing my paperwork but where I needed help was finding the time to go through all these old boxes. It wasn’t that I was saving old pay stubs for sentimental reasons, but some of this old paperwork had confidential information on it like my social insurance number. I knew items like these had to be shredded but without a shredder at home, I kept these items stored in my basement instead of putting them in the recycle bin.

I’ve been running my own businesses for 12+ years and with that comes a lot of paperwork. Now is the time to get started on spring cleaning so I’m going through these old boxes of paperwork and properly disposing some of it.

Fellowes Shredder

Time To Get Organized!

I received a Fellowes Powershred 63Cb to review and I knew exactly which pile of paperwork I needed to tackle first. There’s an old box in my basement with writing on it from my first roommate. We lived together 18 years ago so I could only imagine the type of paperwork I had been storing in that old box! Some of the items (like the VCR manual) were ready to go straight into the recycle bin, some got set aside for sentimental reasons (old cards from my parents) and some went in a pile to be shredded (paperwork with confidential information on it).

With the Fellowes Powershred 63Cb, the Jam Blocker technology stops paper jams before they start so I didn’t have to wrestle with the machine to pull out paper when I put too many pieces in at once.

My son knows that the shredder isn’t a toy and he’s not allowed to use it but it’s good to know that the patented SafeSense technology stops shredding immediately when hands touch the paper opening.

The Fellowes Powershred 63Cb will shred paper, credit cards, staples and small paper clips making the shredding process even faster if you have piles and piles of paperwork to go through like I did! The Bin Full display light lets you know as soon as your shredding bin is full and ready for recycling.

Fellowes Shredder


Whether you’re looking for a shredder to tackle the piles of paperwork in your home office or you’re simply looking for a shredder to handle pictures of your ex – hey, no judgement here {wink} – check out the Fellowes shredder selection and comparisons so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Protect Yourself From ID Theft

Join us on Wednesday, March 2nd from 8-9pm EST for the #FellowesProtects Twitter Party with @FellowesCanada, @Listen2Lena and partner @StaplesCanada. They’ll be sharing tips on how to protect yourself from ID theft – important information for all of us! There isn’t an RSVP for this party, simply join us on March 2nd from 8-9pm EST and jump in the conversation using the #FellowesProtects hashtag.

Protect Yourself from ID Theft

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