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Welcome to Party Tip Tuesday! Today we’re featuring the incredibly talented Brittany with Edible Details. The edible masterpieces that she creates are absolutely adorable. In fact, they are so cute that you almost don’t want to eat them! She is working on a couple of pieces for my son’s 2nd birthday party and I can’t wait to show you some pictures. Today Brittany will tell us a bit more about Edible Details along with some of her favorite projects.

Edible Details Brittany

1) How would you describe Edible Details?

My love and passion turned into a business. I went to culinary school where it was a little bit of everything for anything sweet and baked, from there it was the cake decorating that I fell in love with and that was the direction I pursued after school. After 2 years doing cakes and cupcakes, I realized that boiled down to the fondant part of decorating that really got me excited and where my passion really sat. After I got married in 2010, Edible Details was born and grew into something I never expected it to and the response to my work has been mind blowing! I get to do what I love for a living – that is incredible!

Edible Details Collage 1

2) How long have you been designing for parties?

Since 2010 when I was “discovered” by a few party gals. I was about 2 or 3 months into the business and each month after that just grew more and more into doing work for styled shoots, magazines and a whole lot of fun REAL parties, showers and weddings!

Edible Details Collage 2

3) What is the most unique way you’ve seen someone use one of your edible decorations?

I’m not sure about unique ways they’ve been used but I’ve had people use them on desserts and then tell me that they save them as keepsakes! Some people have kept the fondant characters made for their little ones parties from back in 2010, some have even packed them up and moved them with the family! That makes me love what I do all the more, to know something as simple as an edible work of art for a party can become something so special to families and make for lasting memories.

Edible Details Collage 3

 4) Is there one customer request that really stands out to you as touching or memorable for some reason?

I had a party planner contact me to make some very special 3D French poodles for a party she was doing for a very special little girl. The little girl had cancer and her dying wish was to have a big fancy party for I believe her 6th birthday. The party was incredible, beautiful and magical and it was such a great honor to get to be a part of making that day just a little extra special for that little girl! The party planner told me that the little girl gave her one of my fondant poodles to remember her by. The little girl passed the day after the party, it was heartbreaking. I’m so glad though that she got the party of her dreams before her final day.

Edible Details Collage 4

5) What is the best way to store the fondant toppers so they stay in good condition until the party?

Storing them in a cool dry place away from light! This will keep the color from fading and keeping any moisture away will prevent your toppers from building condensation in their packaging and possibly dissolving. It is not recommended to keep them in your fridge or freezer.

Edible Details Collage 5

All photos are courtesy of Edible Details.

We’d like to send a big Thank You to Brittany for being featured in this Party Tip Tuesday! Be sure to check out Edible Details on Facebook to keep updated on her latest creations.

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