Creative Invite Ideas

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You can have so much fun with creating party invitations and they don’t necessarily have to be a standard paper invite. Here are some other creative invite ideas for inviting guests to your next party.

Balloon Invite: Did you know that you can have your party information printed on a balloon? You then mail the balloon to your party guests and they’ll have to inflate the balloons to reveal the party information.

Electronic Invite: There are many sites that offer free electronic invitations. You could be environmentally friendly and save yourself the cost of stamps by sending your invitations electronically. Many of these sites also let guests RSVP electronically (which is incredibly handy!).

Boxed Invite: For invitations that you can deliver by hand, you could create a cute small boxed invite filled with confetti and party horns. The party information could be pasted on the bottom of the box (inside) or underneath the lid.

Invitation in a Bottle: For a pirate or beach themed party, your creative invite ideas could include sending your party invitation rolled up inside a bottle. These would also be best delivered by hand.

Written on a Party Streamer: This would be a fun idea if you don’t have many invitations to send. You could write the party information on crepe streamer paper and then roll it back up. Guests would have to unroll the streamer paper to reveal the party information.

Written on a Cookie: A delicious idea is to have the party information written on a cookie. Many bakeries offer a service where you can upload an image and have it printed on a cookie. The only problem with edible creative invite ideas is that your guests may eat the invite before writing down the party info!

Chocolate Wrapper: An equally delicious idea (that you wouldn’t have to worry about getting eaten) would be to have the party information printed on a chocolate bar wrapper. The guests could enjoy the chocolate but save the wrapper with the party information.

Handmade Card: If your child is the crafty type, they could draw and color a picture that you could then color photocopy and make into a personalized birthday party invitation. Creative invite ideas that involve the birthday girl or boy are always a cute added touch.

Themed Photo: If your party has a special theme (like cowboys, princesses, etc.), you could take a cute photo of your child dressed as the party theme and then use this as part of your invitation. It could even be as simple as writing the party information on the back of the photo.

Video Message: Your child could create a special video message invite and then you could email it to your party guests.

What are some of the most creative invite ideas that you’ve ever given or received?

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