Alien Invasion Popcorn

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We have a lot of movie nights here. Movie night at home is so much easier than a night out! Our snack of choice on movie night is popcorn. I love my popcorn loaded with butter and some salty seasoning but we’ve decided to mix it up a bit lately and try some new creations. The latest creation is this Alien Invasion Popcorn. My husband loves gummy candy and I love chocolate so this has a little for both of us.

Alien Invasion Popcorn

Alien Invasion Popcorn Recipe:

Some of the chocolate mentioned here may just be a Canadian brand but I’ll give you some options for US chocolate bars as well.

For our little green aliens, I used green sour gummy men. If you can’t find those, green gummy bears work just as well.

The round moon rocks here are Aero Bubbles. If you don’t have those, Whoppers or Milk Duds would be a delicious alternative.

The chopped up chocolate pieces are Mars bars. For an alternative, try Milky Way bars. Both work well with the “alien” theme.

Alien Invasion Popcorn

Alien Invasion Popcorn
I haven't listed quantities here because you can add as many or as little of each ingredient as you'd like depending on how big your popcorn bowl is!
  • popped popcorn (buttered, plain - whatever you like!)
  • green gummy aliens (or gummy bears)
  • chopped space-themed chocolate bars like Mars or Milky Way
  • "moon rocks" like Aero Bubbles, Whoppers or Milk Duds
  1. No preparation here - just add all the ingredients to the bowl and mix them up! I prefer the chocolate melted a little bit. If you do too, simply add the chocolate as soon as the popcorn is popped (while it's still hot).


Alien Invasion Popcorn

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