Apple Pie Ice Box Cake

This Apple Pie Ice Box Cake is delicious!

No baking required.

You can just whip it up and stick it in the fridge.

It comes out cool and refreshing!

This multi-layered dessert is fun and easy to make and would be a good one to get the kids in on.

What You'll Need

– 1- 1.85oz package of instant vanilla pudding – 2 Cups of 2% milk – 1- 8oz container of whipped topping – 2 packs of cinnamon graham crackers – 1- 20oz can of apple pie filling


If graham cracker pieces aren’t breaking how you’d like, use a knife. Place graham cracker on a cutting board and use the center of the knife to push straight down.

Once you’re done, just place in refrigerator for a minimum of about 4 hours.

This Apple Pie Ice Box Cake is just want you need! Whip it up and throw it in the fridge in the morning for an easy afternoon treat even the kids can help with.

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