Royal Icing
  • Royal Icing recipe:
  • 20 g meringue powder* (or 40g egg whites or egg white from one extra large fresh egg - see notes below)
  • 50 ml cold water*
  • 230 g confectioners’ sugar
  • few drops of lemon extract or juice
  • *Note: Meringue powder and water can be substitute for fresh egg white. I would recommend, if egg whites are used, to be pasteurized. Once the egg white icing is prepared, decorate the cookies the same day and let them dry. Discard all of the royal icing that is left. Meringue powder royal icing could be stored at room temperature for up to 10 days. Whip before using it again.
  1. Add the meringue powder to the water in a mixing bowl. Beat to soft peaks for about 3 min.. Slowly add the sugar until it is incorporated.
  2. Add the lemon extract and beat for about 5 min until the icing forms stiff peaks. Cover with plastic wrap until ready to use.
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