Sick Day Activities

No parent wants to see their little one sick but that flu season always seems to make a stop at your home! Having a Sick Day Activities Kit stashed away is always a great idea to try to brighten your little one’s day while he’s stuck indoors.

Sick Day Activities

Sick Day Activities – Packing Your Kit:

There are so many fun ideas for packing a sick day activities kit!

  • coloring books
  • crayons
  • Play-Doh
  • a new movie
  • microwavable popcorn
  • bubbles
  • temporary tatoos
  • stickers
  • small toys & games
  • band-aids and small stuffed animals they can help nurse back to health
  • small pill containers filled with jelly beans

I’ve created this free printable for your sick day activities kit. It includes a label for the top of your kit, labels for jelly bean pill bottles, and a recipe for Feeling Better Juice. Be sure to pack some candy lemon slices and a silly straw for your juice recipe.

The jelly bean pill bottle labels are for Giggle Pills (perfect to eat while watching a funny movie), Silly Pills (perfect for eating while playing a fun game) and Creative Pills (perfect for eating when creating craft masterpieces).

Some other fun ideas for keeping entertained on a sick day are:

  • having a bath with unlimited bubbles
  • creating a movie snack bowl craft and watching some new or favorite movies
  • Play-Doh creations
  • playing boardgames
  • playing card games
  • starting a sticker book
  • making a collage of things you like using old magazines and newspapers
  • building blocks
  • creating an indoor fort to take a nap in
  • completing a word search puzzle (click here for free printables)
  • hosting a fun tea party for all your toys
  • having an indoor picnic of chicken noodle soup and juice
  • reading your favorite books

Other than curling up in bed with a cozy blanket, what are your favorite sick day activities?

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