Valentine Puns

I may be a bit cheesy, but I love Valentine puns!  If you do too, here are a few ideas for Valentine treat bags & tags.  They are very easy to make and you can embellish them however you’d like with different card stock, colors, ribbons, etc.  For my tags, I used Microsoft Clip Art.  There are a lot of cute options on their site.

Valentines Day Ideas - Valentine Puns

Valentine Puns for Kids:

Here are a few cute ideas for Valentine puns treat bags for your children:

  • “Love Moo” with black & white jelly beans.
  • “Hugs & Kisses” with Hershey’s hugs & kisses chocolates.
  • “I Love You Beary Much” with gummi bears.

Valentine Puns for Your Spouse:

My husband knew I was a bit nerdy when he married me, so it’s not too much of a surprise when he finds a punny note and candy hidden somewhere in his work bag, gym bag, coat pocket, toolbox, car…you get the idea. Here are a few ideas for Valentine puns treat bags for that special someone in your life:

  • “Bee Mine” with yellow & black jelly beans.
  • “I’ll bug you until you say you’ll be mine” with gummy insects or red & black jelly beans.
  • “I Chew-se You” with gumballs.
  • “I’m bananas over you” with marshmallow bananas.
  • “Hooked on you” with gummy fish.
  • “We are mint to be together” with mints.
  • “I’m nuts about you” with trail mix.
  • “You rock my world” with chocolate pebbles.
  • “You’re the only fish in the sea for me” with candy fish or gummy fish.
  • “Love you to eterni-tea” with tea.
  • “We have a tree-mendous love” with spearmint leaves.
  • “I’d be tickled pink if you were mine” with pink jelly beans.

Valentine’s for Anyone Special:

Here are a few more Valentine puns ideas that are cute for anyone…child’s classmates, your friends, family, the mailman…pretty much anyone.

  • “You are dino-mite” with dino-sours.
  • “Here’s to building a great friendship” with candy building blocks.
  • “Orange you amazing” with candy orange slices.
  • “You’re the besssssst” with gummy snakes.
  • “You are grrrrreat!” with black and orange jelly beans.
  • “You’re a peach” with peach candies.
  • “You are berry sweet” with berry gummies.
  • “Thanks for bee’ing a good friend” with yellow and black jelly beans.

Do you have any other Valentine puns?  I’d love to hear them!

Here are some fun ideas for hosting your own Valentine’s Day party at home:

Valentine's Day Party Supplies
1. Red Tissue Paper Pom Poms
2. Red Paper Lantern
3. Red Decorative Fan
4. Red Honeycomb Ball
5. Valentine’s Day Decorative Cocktail Drinking Straws
6. Red Heart Paper Straws
7. Valentine Heart Straws with Paper Insert
8. Washi Decorative Tape for Gifts and Favors Valentine Love Clouds
9. Washi Decorative Tape for Gifts and Favors, Valentine Collection Set of 3
10. Valentine Cupcake Boxes
11. Valentine Candy Hearts Themed Round Dinner Plates
12. Valentine Double-Wall Tumbler with Straw

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