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Minion Birthday Party

This Week Behind-The-Scenes

A lot happens here on Moms & Munchkins behind-the-scenes so I thought it would be fun to give you updates on what I'm working on each week! I also regularly post sneak peeks on Instagram so I'd love to see you over there! Parties: I put the finishing touches on a … [Read More...]

Banana & Caramel Finnish Oven Pancakes

Banana Caramel Finnish Oven Pancakes

Three years ago we found out that my son has severe food allergies and it has made a huge impact on our eating habits. It is very rare that we'll order in food or go out to eat because I feel more comfortable making his food myself. Before we found out about my son's … [Read More...]

Crab Cookies

How To Make Adorable Crab Cookies

This Crab Cookies post is courtesy of our contributor Amy...​Memorial Day is two weeks away and despite the official calendar date, all I can think of is SUMMER! I just can't wait for beach weekends, BBQs, and warm summer nights. These quick and cute little crab cookies just … [Read More...]

Butterfly Cake Pops

Butterfly Cake Pops Tutorial

This Butterfly Cake Pops tutorial is courtesy of our contributor Deanna...Can you believe it? The sun is out, the flowers are bright, and the butterflies are about to make a grand entrance. I have always loved Monarch butterflies because they remind me of warm summer days. … [Read More...]

Construction Party Lunch Idea

Steel Beam Construction Party Lunch Idea

You know that really popular old black & white photo of construction workers sitting on a steel beam while eating lunch high above the city? When I started planning a construction party for Calgary's Child Magazine, I knew this had to be part of my party! You'll have to … [Read More...]