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Minions Party

How To Host a Minions Party

This Minions Party post is courtesy of our contributor Dawn...Are you excited for the July 10th release of Minions? We certainly are, so of course it is time to share lots of fun ways you can celebrate by sharing some of my favorite ideas on how to host a Minions party. It … [Read More...]

Free Baking Tags

Adorable & Free Baking Tags

I love both giving and receiving baking as a gift! Nothing quite says Thank You like a box of freshly baked cookies or sweet cupcakes! For this month's freebie we're giving you four styles of cute & free baking tags perfect for packaging up your sweet treats. Free … [Read More...]

Chicken Poutine Burger

Very Canadian Chicken Poutine Burgers

My husband could eat gravy with pretty much any food. As you can imagine, he was drooling over all the variations of poutine on our 2010 vacation in Montreal. It's tough to find a restaurant in Montreal that doesn't sell poutine. For those of you who don't know what poutine … [Read More...]

The Palazzo Las Vegas

The Palazzo Las Vegas

This post is courtesy of our contributor Kristie...Sometimes as parents we need a nice break from the hectic routines of work, school and chauffeuring our children around from one activity to the next. One of my favourite weekend getaways is Las Vegas! Whether it’s with your … [Read More...]

Princess Party Food

Princess Party Food

This Princess Party Food post is courtesy of our contributor Chantelle...I love a good themed menu when it comes to my parties, and the food for my daughter’s recent princess inspired garden party was no exception. With just a little advanced preparation and some creativity … [Read More...]